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5 Attractions To Make You Visit Rwanda Today


5 Attractions To Make You Visit Rwanda Today

Rwanda is a small country with unique attractions. This country has gone through tumultuous times to become one of the top travel destinations in East Africa. Rwanda is a safe country with strict law and order.

Away from the clean street and manicured lawns, there is a lot to check out on a Rwanda trip. Given below are 5 attractions to make you visit Rwanda today.

Genocide Memorial Museum

It’s impossible to talk about Rwanda without mentioning the infamous 1994 genocide. The country has a place to commemorate the more than a million lives lost. Additionally, it’s also a burial ground for about 250,000 victims.

Located in Gisozi, Genocide Memorial Museum is a 10 minutes’ drive from the city center. The place is designed for remembrance and learning about the hostility towards the Tutsi. It’s also a place to acquire information about the events and historical implications of the reign of terror.

Golden Monkey

Another thrilling experience to love about Rwanda is the golden monkeys. This beautiful species of Old World monkey order is found in the Volcanoes National Park. These rare primates are only found in Rwanda and Uganda and are thought to be descendants of the blue monkey.

Gorilla Tracking

Apart from the horrific incident, Rwanda has amazing attractions to astound you. One notable feature is the gorillas. Rwanda offers a very unique experience that comes with catching a glimpse of gorillas inches away.

Volcanoes National Park is the home of gorillas and one of the natural wonders of the world. This park opened in 1925 to become the first park in Africa. The park offers amazing views of various species including the mountain gorillas.

Dian Fossey Tomb

An American zoologist who dedicated her life to studying social organization of gorillas in Rwanda, Dian Fossey didn’t live to tell her tale. She was found murdered in 1985 but her work on the endangered gorilla is still recognized worldwide.

Dian is famous for her book “Gorillas in the Mist” that inspired the movie directed by Michael Apted with the same title. While in Rwanda, you can’t miss a hike to her tomb at Karisoke where her tomb is found. This is next to that of her most beloved gorilla Digit and other gorillas killed by poachers.


Mountain Hike

There’s a lot more to do in Volcanoes National Park than tracking gorillas and golden monkeys. You can take part in the thrilling mountain hike expedition. These will take you to ancient and magical caves, forests, and lakes.

You’ll have more to indulge in to quench your outdoors enthusiasm while maneuvering the beaten tourist path. You can choose a period that suits you to engage in this amazing outdoor adventurism. Some of the hike trails to consider include:

  • Ngezi Lake Trail
  • Climbing Mount Visoke
  • Climbing Mount Muhabura
  • Mount Karisimbi Hike
  • Buhanga Sacred Forest Nature Walk

Book a Rwanda Tour

To have an experience of a lifetime discovering that this little beautiful country has to offer, you can book your tour today. We have tour packages that meet your budget and availability.

To find out more about booking your Rwanda tour, send us an email to info@rwandagorillavacation.com or call us on +256 772 044 646.

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