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Checklist Items To Pack For A Gorilla Trek


Checklist Items To Pack For A Gorilla Trek

Have you made up your mind to book a gorilla trek with Africa Big Six Safaris? Good idea. However, you have to understand what it takes to maneuver a gorilla trek. The good news is that we are here to make the Gorilla trek as smooth as possible. You need a reasonable level of fitness since you’re going to get muddy and sweaty.

Where does the mountain gorilla live?

Gorillas live on mountains with thick vegetation cover along the slopes. This is usually a combination of bamboo, gallium vines, and ferns. The higher you trek, the thinner the undergrowth becomes. You’ll eventually come across gorillas in misty and damp areas.

There are a bit of coldness depending on the period of the year. Gorillas move around according to the season and feed on Senecio trees at certain times of the year. Here’s a checklist of items to take on a gorilla trek.

Hiking boots

It’s essential to invest in a good quality pair of boots. These will protect your ankles while trekking through the muddy mountain terrain. Don’t think that moving in your pair of cheap sneakers will do the trick. You wouldn’t risk hurting your ankles.


As you trek to watch the gorillas, you can’t escape grabbing trees, vines, and branches. So, you can’t risk your hands from getting scratched or generally beaten up without noticing. Therefore, ensure to invest in a quality pair of gloves. Perhaps you can just pack your old pair of tough gardening gloves. You’ll be glad you carried them.

Light rain jacket

Gorillas have habitats of tropical rainforest areas. And, there’s always a good chance of rainfall all year round. Make sure to pack a lightweight poncho or rain jacket. You can easily roll this up in your back pack for your trek. This will protect you from getting soaked.


Energy snacks

A gorilla trek is a bit of a challenge. Therefore, make sure to carry some energy snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. You can get these easily in the supermarket before setting off for the trek. However, remember to dispose off the rubbish properly.


A gorilla trek should be accompanied with records of those captivating memories. Therefore, a good digital camera comes in handy. Ensure that you carry some spare batteries so you don’t have to worry about drained batteries.

Alternatively, you can just use your smartphone to capture amazing selfies to share on Instagram or Facebook. Ensure to carry along a strong power bank for charging the phone battery. However, avoid using the flash at all cost while capturing the gorillas.


Be prepared to get sweating as you trek along. To keep hydrated, ensure to move with some drinking water. However, make sure to carry some filtration tablets for your drinking water. You’ll need to take a sip a few times during the trek. Carrying some water is also handy to keep hydrated beneath the forest canopy with very high humidity.

Appropriate clothes

You wouldn’t like to expose too much during the jungle trek. Therefore, ensure to pack some long khaki trousers and shirts. And, remember to tuck your trousers into the socks. This is a trick to prevent safari ants from crawling up your pants.


With all essentials in tow, you’ll finally come across a gorilla family playing peacefully in the forest clearing. Our trekking guides will prepare you on the best way to behave in front of the Gorillas. Nothing will stop you from having an amazing experience just sitting and observing these gentle giants.

Book a gorilla trek  

To have an experience of a lifetime discovering amazing gorillas in their natural habitat, you can book your tour today. We have tour packages that meet your budget and availability.

To find out more about booking your gorilla trek, send us an email to info@rwandagorillavacation.com or call/whatsapp us on +256 772 044 646.


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