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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Gorillas

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Gorillas

Gorillas are such amazing creatures closely related to humans. A gorilla family is filled with huge, domicile, and timid apes living in areas in particular areas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Real gorillas are gentle giants not the terrible and scary monsters in movies.

Gorillas are peaceful, gentle, and harmless vegetarians with a high intellect comparable to humans. Here are 7 things you didn’t know about gorillas.

  1. Only 2 Species In The World

The world has over 500 primate species including orangutans and chimpanzees. These include the 2 gorilla species including:

  • Eastern Berengei gorilla with subspecies including mountain and eastern lowland gorilla
  • Western gorilla this has subspecies including lowland gorilla and cross river gorilla

The world’s gorillas live near the Equator in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda separated by the Congo River.

  1. Stronger Than Humans

A gorilla has a skeleton adapted to hold its heavy body. An adult male gorilla can weigh about 220 kg and the female weighing about 98 kg. The skeletal structure of a gorilla and its upper body muscles give this primate 6 times more strength compared to humans.

  1. Use Slang

Gorillas communicate through vocalizations and body movements. Some particular groups of gorillas develop unique forms of communicating like slang in humans. This shows that gorilla language is learned but not instinct driven. It can make a communication barrier once the gorilla moves to a new group. The new entrant will have to learn the local dialect.

  1. Eat About 20 Kg Daily

Gorillas primarily eat plants and insects occasionally. In their natural habitat, a gorilla can eat about 142 different plant species. The gorilla eats buds, fruits, stems, and leaves. These primates are picky eaters because of their dexterity and strength.

A gorilla can tear apart a banana a banana plant to eat the soft interior of the stem. Gorillas have a long intestinal tract for proper digestion of a high fiber diet. This explains why gorillas have a protruding lower abdomen.

  1. Not Territorial

Gorillas are not violent or territorial animals. These gentle primates don’t compete with other animals for territories. Gorillas live in groups of about 30 with a dominant silverback male. The name silverback comes from a silver swath on the black fur.

The dominant male fights off predators and competing males. However, gorillas spend much of their life foraging for food across the Virunga Mountain covering parts of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

  1. Females Take The Lead During Courtship

Female gorillas reach sexual maturity at about 10 years. This will make her leave the birth troop and search for a suitable male in another group. The catch is usually the silverback in the group.

To grab the silverback’s attention, the female gorilla slowly approaches with uninterrupted eye contact with puckering lips. When unmoved, the female gorilla might get closer to the silverback and touch him gently to make herself available.

  1. NosePrints For Identification

Humans have fingerprints to tell different individuals. Well, gorillas have wrinkles and marks on the nose unique from each animal. Researchers and park wardens can depend on the noseprint to identify one gorilla from others.

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