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How To Experience The Best Gorilla Safari


How To Experience The Best Gorilla Safari

The best locations for mountain gorilla tracking safaris are in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. This is your next destination when looking forward to seeing these amazing species live. A gorilla safari is one of those amazing wildlife experiences you will ever have in life.

Taking A Gorilla Safari

The fees charged for a gorilla safari go directly into preserving their habitat and the results are remarkable with a recorded increase in gorilla numbers. It’s wonderful news regardless of the slow process.

A gorilla trek is worth each penny and you can take more than one. The first trek will leave you yearning for. And, on this one, you’re likely to be yearning to capture every moment. So, a second trek will give you a chance to see what you missed on the first experience.

For the second trek, you will just stop and relax as you catch amazing glimpses of these extraordinary creatures.

Gorilla Viewing Groups

You can join a group of about 5 or 6 depending on where you are to view the gorillas right from the beginning of your journey. The trek begins in a local village, which is another uplifting experience. You will enjoy the absolutely beautiful African scenery with kids running with you pleased to see a Mzungu.

Duration Of The Trek

The walk takes from about an hour to 4 or 5 hours. Of course, this depends on your group. In Rwanda, you will have a wonderful experience capturing the gorillas on camera as they move to the clearing. It’s very important not to use the flash when capturing images of gorillas.


Gorilla Viewing Experience

An experienced guide from Africa Big Six will guide you on the best way to behave in front of the gorilla. You will even get a chance to see the guide communicating to them in a language they understand. The gorillas need comforting and reassuring noises to put them at rest.

It’s an amazing experience watching a human talking to gorillas. These are amazing creatures to watch as the mother gorillas bonds with their babies. Gorillas are herbivores and carry a gentle aura. The sensation of knowing that you’re just a few feet away from the magnificent gentle giants is out of this world.

And, knowing that these giants accept your presence is very humbling. Perhaps it’s the human possession of about 96 percent DNA of this species. Well, it’s a fascinating experience in many respects.

Best Time To Go For A Gorilla Safari


You can enjoy a gorilla trek all year round. However, it makes a great difference to trek gorillas in the dry season.

The best places to locate gorillas in Uganda include Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park. In Rwanda, you can view gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park. Taking a gorilla safari is a wonderful idea to get up-close and personal with this amazing wildlife species in East Africa.

Bottom Line

We organize the most amazing gorilla safaris in East Africa. To find out how to book your tour, send us an email to info@rwandagorillavacation.com alternatively call us or WhatsApp on +256 772 044 646.

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